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Combine the Foglietti Natural Vector Facelift with Eyelid Surgery for Transformative Results

Facelift and Eyelid surgery Beachwood

Today’s facelift focuses on youthful contours and avoids the windblown look of the past. Dr. Mark A. Foglietti has refined his facelift approach with the Foglietti Natural Vector Facelift that reverses signs of aging to turn back time by a decade or more and restore your confident appearance. Dr. Foglietti’s facelift technique provides stunning anti-aging results but doesn’t address the upper face. Many patients combine the procedure with eyelid surgery for complete facial rejuvenation. 

What Foglietti Natural Vector Facelift Can Do

Dr. Foglietti uses his years of experience and training to perform his innovative facelift technique. The Foglietti method refines the deep facial tissues for precise, elegant, and long-lasting changes. The natural vector approach can address loose, hanging skin on the mid-face, a muddled jawline, and jowling. 

The Foglietti Natural Vector Facelift lifts the skin to access the subdermal facial tissues called SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system). SMAS is an organized network of fibrous tissue that includes the platysma muscle stretching from the neck’s base to the jaw, parotid fascia (connective tissue encasing the parotid gland), and the fibromuscular layer covering the cheek. This fibrous network divides the superficial fatty tissue and deeper layers of the face. Dr. Foglietti accesses the SMAS to sculpt the tissues and removes excess skin and tissue. He tightens the SMAS in multiple directions (or natural vectors). His meticulous technique provides youthful results with a sculpted mid-face, jawline, and neck. 

Combining Foglietti Natural Vector Facelift with Blepharoplasty

The trademarked Foglietti Natural Vector Facelift addresses the cheek area down to the neck but won’t correct signs of aging around the eyes or between the brows. Facelift is often combined with other face procedures for more transformative results. Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) addresses under-eye puffiness, sagging upper eyelids, and other cosmetic concerns for a brighter, well-rested eye appearance. Combining the two procedures provides a younger facial profile and complexion from top to bottom. Patients enjoy fewer lines and wrinkles, restored volume in the mid-face, more jawline definition, taut contours, and rejuvenated eyelids. 

Dr. Foglietti is a double board-certified plastic surgeon and clinical professor at Ohio University Medical School, a top physician-training program in the United States. He is widely published in medical and scientific journals and is an active member of many industry organizations. He has been featured in several media outlets. The Foglietti facelift is not his only innovation; Dr. Foglietti holds three U.S. patents for breast implant surgery improvements. 

If you’re interested in the Foglietti Natural Vector Facelift, eyelid surgery, or another combination, contact our office in Beachwood, Ohio. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Foglietti or Dr. Alanna Foglietti Fostyk by calling (216) 292-6800

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