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Do you want to reverse the effects of aging but are not ready to undergo surgery? Botox may be the solution you need to restore a youthful, wrinkle-free appearance without the time commitment, risks and recovery that come with a surgical procedure. Sometimes referred to as a “lunchtime treatment,” Botox has been the preferred choice for millions of men and women who want to erase years of aging and restore a youthful and smooth facial appearance. Treatment with Botox can be completed in as little as 15 minutes and is virtually painless.

Although Botox is a quick and straightforward treatment, beautiful and natural-looking results require the precision, skill and experience of a qualified provider. At Foglietti Fostyk Plastic Surgery, Drs. Mark A. Foglietti and Alanna Foglietti Fostyk have performed thousands of Botox treatments. They possess the training and skill that is required to deliver consistently excellent results. Whether you are looking for a subtle tweak or a more noticeable enhancement, Botox with our board certified plastic surgeons can help.

Am I a Candidate for Botox?

Botox is designed to minimize the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, which are a result of repeated facial expressions, like frowning and smiling. Treatment with Botox can be used to address the following:

  • Crow’s feet (wrinkles and lines around the outer corners of the eyes)
  • Forehead furrows (deep creases or lines that form horizontally across the forehead)
  • Frown lines (lines that form between the eyebrows)
  • Vertical lip lines
  • Neck bands

Botox is not considered to be an effective treatment option for static wrinkles, which are wrinkles resulting from the aging process or sun damage. It can be performed as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation or skin procedures to produce more comprehensive results. Prior to treatment, our team will meet with you to determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for Botox, as well as to discuss your cosmetic needs and goals.

Treatment Details

Botox Lunchtime Treatment Beachwood, OH

Treatment with Botox can be conveniently completed in our Cleveland office in as little as 15 minutes. A thin needle will be used to inject Botox into the targeted muscles. The botulinum toxin solution works to block the nerve signals responsible for muscle movement. With the muscles no longer being able to contract, the overlying wrinkles smooth out, the result of which is softer and younger-looking skin.

Botox Recovery

There is no downtime with Botox, meaning you will be able to return to work and resume all regular activities right after treatment. Temporary discomfort, including swelling and redness, is normal and should subside after a few days after treatment. Our team will give you instructions to follow before and after your treatment session.

Results with Botox last two to four months. Repeat sessions are needed to maintain your younger-looking appearance.

About Masseter Botox

While Botox is widely known for its ability to improve the appearance of the face, it has also gained popularity for its therapeutic use. Masseter Botox is used to change the shape of the jaw, which may relieve a variety of painful symptoms associated with teeth clenching and grinding.

The Masseter Muscle

Understanding Masseter Botox begins with an understanding of the masseter muscle. Each person has two masseter muscles, one located on each side of the face. These powerful muscles help us chew by elevating the lower jaw and controlling its forward movement.

Our everyday lives are full of triggers for stress, which leads to the development of habits like jaw clenching, nail-biting, and chewing on objects, such as pencils. Some of these habits occur without us being aware of them, such as grinding teeth at night. With time, the masseter muscles can become overworked, resulting in severe pain and other problems.

Benefits of Masseter Botox

Bruxism relief: Bruxism is the name of the condition in which a person grinds or clenches their teeth. It can occur while sleeping or awake and can result in many painful or destructive symptoms, such as tooth fractures and headaches. While oral appliances and lifestyle changes may help in some cases of bruxism, more severe cases may benefit from Botox injections, which can provide much-needed relief from symptoms such as:

  • Tightness in the jaw
  • Pain and soreness in the jaw
  • Tooth pain
  • Headache
  • Tooth damage

Improve facial pain: Botox can immobilize the masseter muscle, which improves pain and tension in the jaw and face.

Cosmetic improvement: A refined jawline is often an indicator of beauty. Masseter Botox can produce a slimmer, more defined jaw, which can enhance overall appearance. It can even result in a more symmetrical facial appearance.

TMJ relief: TMJ is a condition that causes pain in the joint that controls jaw movement.Botox can provide long-term relief for those suffering from TMJ by reducing the symptoms that accompany this condition. When the masseter muscle is relaxed, the following symptoms can be improved:

  • Limited range of movement in the jaw
  • Face and jaw pain
  • Jaw locking
  • Headaches
  • Jaw damage

Preparing for Masseter Botox

As with any procedure, you will need to begin with a consultation with a qualified provider. During your appointment, you will share your goals with one of our doctors, who will recommend the most appropriate treatment for you.

Can Botox Be Substituted?

There is no substitute for Botox, which has been specifically formulated for safety, potency, and efficacy. Foglietti Fostyk only provides patients with authentic Botox injections for optimal results.

Treatment Schedule

Many patients wonder about how many sessions they will need to achieve their initial results and maintain them thereafter. Botox is a temporary solution to eliminate signs of aging, improve symmetry, and reduce pain related to the masseter muscle. Full results are usually apparent within 30 days, and results last for months. While results can vary from patient to patient, you will need follow-up sessions of Botox injections to continue benefiting from its effects. 

Learn More about Botox

To find out if Botox is right for your cosmetic needs, schedule a personal consultation with Foglietti Fostyk Plastic Surgery by contacting our Cleveland practice today.

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