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Nipple & Areola Correction Cleveland

Nipple & Areola Correction Cleveland

When it comes to enhancing the appearance of the breasts, size and shape are not the only factors that should be considered. Often, addressing the nipple and the pigmented area surrounding it, called the areola, can create symmetry and a more cosmetically pleasing look. In some women, the nipples and areolae are not proportionate due to age, genetics, breastfeeding, and other factors. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, a nipple and areola corrective procedure at Foglietti Fostyk Plastic Surgery may be right for you. Learn more about corrective options below:


The nipple and areola occupy the centermost area of the breast and usually draw the most attention. When this area is in proportion to the rest of the breast, the result is a youthful, perky breast appearance. However, many patients find themselves dissatisfied with the look of their nipples and areola. The good news is that there are cosmetic solutions available. The primary goal of a nipple and areola correction is to improve the appearance of these parts of the breast, but the exact technique used depends on the type of correction required.

Low nipples: Low nipples often occur in patients that have large breasts; however, this appearance may develop over time as the skin starts to show signs of aging. This lax skin causes the nipples to point downward. To correct this, the nipples are surgically lifted to a more pleasing position on the breast. The distance between nipples can also be effectively adjusted during this procedure to improve symmetry.

Enlarged nipples: After breastfeeding, many women find that their nipples remain enlarged, and may even droop. Those with enlarged nipples often experience chafing and may feel uncomfortable with the appearance of the nipples. Patients with this problem may benefit from nipple reduction surgery, which results in a smaller, more attractive nipple.

Inverted nipples: Inverted nipples describe a condition where the nipples lay flat and do not stick out past the skin’s surface. Inverted nipples can occur in some women due to changes in the breast tissue after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Surgery to correct this condition releases parts of the breast tissue to improve projection.

Areola asymmetry: Asymmetry in the breast, including the areola, is common, but some patients experience a greater degree of asymmetry that can only be corrected with surgery to create a smaller, more defined areola border.


After undergoing surgery to correct cosmetic issues with the nipples and areolae, patients can expect a number of positive changes, including:

  • More proportionate overall breast appearance
  • Nipple and areola symmetry
  • Breasts that appear perkier
  • Dramatic improvement in the size and shape of nipples and areolae
  • More pleasing degree of nipple projection


The total cost of your nipple and areola correction procedure depends on your unique case, including the type and extent of correction needed and additional procedures performed. To receive a quote, please schedule a consultation.

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