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Vision & Mission Statement

To be internationally recognized for the highest quality cosmetic surgery and aesthetic services. 

Mission Statement

To provide exemplary care through technology, skills and attitudes which create an exceptional experience that fosters lasting loyalty. 

Values of Foglietti Fostyk Plastic Surgery : 

       Unique comprehensive care
       Honesty and integrity
       Mutual respect for patients and staff

Plastic Surgeons Dr. Foglietti & Dr. Fostyk in Cleveland

The Foglietti Fostyk Plastic Surgery is an organization designed to develop the very best of the unique talents, skills and energy of everyone involved. As a results-oriented organization, we foster inspirational ideals, measurable goals, and encourage self-motivation and teamwork. We enjoy offering superb customer service and constantly work towards developing our mission. 

Our Organization is a team-oriented, networking organization seeking to build satisfying professional lives for everyone in our practice. Our team members have a shared vision of our future goals and are proactive in their contribution to the success of our Organization.  We encourage each other to focus on creating ideas and embracing innovations that promote
our Organization’s vision. 

Our Organization succeeds by first identifying each team member’s unique ability and then by designing his or her respective roles to reflect this ability. This is supported through the following:

  • Team members are treated as investments, not costs.
  • Weekly management meetings and quarterly strategic meetings
    with the whole team enable us to discuss progress and establish
    personal and organizational goals.
  • Focus is placed on rewardable, rather than punishable, behavior.
  • Goals and expectations with time-lines are communicated to
  • Team members are provided with their own focus time weekly.
  • Special interventions, solutions and contributions to the
    organization are rewarded appropriately.

We recognize that the development of our Organization is an ongoing, innovative process requiring the active involvement of every team member. Achievable goals are identified, progress celebrated, and new goals set. In our Organization, each person has the opportunity to thrive and grow in a system of abundant opportunities. Their ability to contribute to the
Organization will increase as their unique ability is fully realized. 

The success of our Organization results in more opportunity and security for everyone involved.

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