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Surgeries That Will Boost Your Confidence in Summer Wear

Plastic Surgery in Cleveland and Beachwood, OH

The official start of summer is just around the corner, and along with the season come more revealing fashion choices. Those people in the greater Cleveland area who find themselves putting on pants and long sleeves to more fully cover up their bodies despite the heat may find they can benefit from chatting with Dr. Mark A. Foglietti and Dr. Alanna Foglietti Fostyk about certain life-improving cosmetic surgeries.

Arm Lift

Some people put a self-imposed ban on sleeveless attire due to a lack of contentment with the condition of their arms. If the flab and sagging arm tissue that often accompany the aging process are stopping you from putting on short sleeves, you may benefit from brachioplasty, a surgery that removes excess skin on the arm and leaves behind a more contoured shape.  


Short shorts are a fun summer look, but not everyone feels great about putting their thighs on display. Thighs are one of those tricky areas where even remarkably fit people can have trouble taking off the weight. Liposuction is a great procedure for targeting the stubborn fat deposits that amass around your upper legs.

Best of all, the fat cells are removed permanently, so as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle in the years ahead, the results from liposuction should last.   

Tummy Tuck

It can take a certain amount of confidence to wear a two-piece bathing suit, regardless of how conventionally attractive you may be. That said, many find it mentally easier to put on a bikini when they have flatter, more toned midsections to show off. If you want to hit the pool this summer without the belly pooch, tummy tuck surgery can take out the extra skin and fat deposits so you are less hesitant to show off your stomach in public.

The biggest concern that patients express ahead of abdominoplasty is the surgical scar. Dr. Foglietti and Dr. Fostyk skillfully place the incision low enough that most underwear and swimsuit bottoms cover the scar, so that way you can still reap the benefits of showing off your toned stomach following recovery from surgery.

Breast Augmentation

Then there are some women who just wish they could better fill out even a one-piece swimsuit. Since summer fashion trends tend to be more revealing, the season is upon you to finally get the breasts you have been contemplating for ages. Dr. Foglietti and Dr. Fostyk’s skilled hands ensure that you will receive attractive, symmetrical, proportional and natural-looking breasts.

While recovering from breast augmentation surgery, you ought to wait several weeks before allowing your breasts to be exposed to sunlight, but that still leaves plenty of time during beach and tank top season to show off your new physique.  

For a consultation with Drs. Foglietti and Fostyk to discuss any of these surgeries, call their Beachwood, Ohio office at (216) 292-6800.        

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