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How to Reach a Strong Jawline with Submental Liposuction

Has your jawline become weaker and less defined with age or weight fluctuations? Are you yearning for the strong, sculpted jawline you enjoyed when you were younger and slimmer? Submental liposuction with the team at Foglietti Fostyk Plastic Surgery can help. Submental liposuction is the process of removing stubborn subcutaneous fat in the chin and… Read More

Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction: Factors to Consider

The desire for a flat, appealing stomach is near-universal. Dr. Mark A. Foglietti and Dr. Alanna F. Fostyk meet with all sorts of patients — young and old, men and women — who are contemplating plastic surgery to achieve nicer contours around the abdomen. If you too are interested in cosmetically enhancing your belly, but… Read More

Surgeries That Will Boost Your Confidence in Summer Wear

The official start of summer is just around the corner, and along with the season come more revealing fashion choices. Those people in the greater Cleveland area who find themselves putting on pants and long sleeves to more fully cover up their bodies despite the heat may find they can benefit from chatting with Dr…. Read More

Common Liposuction Myths

Doing your research is a vital part of planning any plastic surgery, including body procedures like liposuction. However, if you do your liposuction research online, you may come across information that simply isn’t true. In this post, the team at Foglietti Fostyk Plastic Surgery clears up some of the most common myths about liposuction. Liposuction… Read More

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