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Reasons People Seek Otoplasty

Ears are not usually the most prominent feature on a person’s face, though it can become that way when the ears stick out — either literally or because of some other irregularity. At their Beachwood, Ohio practice, Dr. Mark A. Foglietti and Dr. Alanna Foglietti Fostyk have performed otoplasty on many satisfied patients for a variety of reasons, including:

Protruding Ears

While most people’s ears lay close against the head, some people have ears that jut outward in a very visible fashion. Having outstretched ears can be a source of insecurity and even schoolyard teasing among children.

Luckily, ears can be pushed closer to the head in a process known as ear pinning. For this procedure, Dr. Foglietti and Dr. Fostyk will remove cartilage behind the ear (as necessary) to reposition the ears, then permanently suture the ears in place so that they are no longer poking out to the sides.

Cauliflower Ear

Physical injury can also motivate a patient to get otoplasty. Certain types of athletes, particularly wrestlers, boxers and water polo players, are prone to perichondrial hematoma, a condition better known as cauliflower ear.

When the ear experiences trauma, blood can collect in the outer ear. Without quick treatment to drain this blood, infection can take root, causing new tissue to form with a strange, sometimes cauliflower-looking appearance. Once you have cauliflower ear, the only real way to reverse the physical changes is through surgery.

Genetic  Abnormality

Every day, babies are born with ear conditions that alter the physical appearance of the ear. Some have cryptotia where some the cartilage is buried underneath the skin; others have constricted ears where the upper part of the ear flops over; and still others still have cleft earlobes.

Many of these problems can be greatly improved with otoplasty. While otoplasty to treat genetic conditions is most commonly performed on children, the doctors strongly suggest waiting until the child’s ears have stopped developing before scheduling any corrective surgeries.

Disproportion and Asymmetry

Because facial symmetry is such a key component of what people consider attractive, it makes sense that patients come to Foglietti Fostyk Plastic Surgery wondering whether otoplasty can make their ears look more symmetrical or in better proportion to the size and shape of their head. Indeed, otoplasty can make these kinds of changes. During a consultation, the doctors can give you a better picture of what this surgery can realistically achieve. To schedule a consultation to learn more about what otoplasty can do for you or your child’s ears, use our online form or call (216) 292-6800.         

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