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What is the Foglietti Natural Vector Face Lift Technique®?

The Foglietti Natural Vector Face Lift ® is a method of tightening the face in a manner that gives the most natural and relaxed appearance post surgically. This facelift technique tightens the facial tissue covering underlying muscle in multiple directions or vectors; which counteracts the sagging and laxity that occurs as we age. The tissue is then returned to its younger, original position. After this system of tightening, the skin is then gently positioned over the naturally arranged muscle layers, resulting in a smooth and supple appearance as opposed to the severe, tightened look often seen in facelift surgery. The Foglietti Natural Vector Face Lift® is time efficient, taking only a few hours. The tissue is handled with extreme care, which minimizes bruising considerably and facilitates prompt healing. Most patients can shower and wash their hair within 48 hours of their surgery. The average recovery period is 10-14 days; this allows the sutures to be removed and any negligible swelling or bruising to diminish. We tell our patients that they can return to work in 14 days, safely and with confidence. Most patients experience no pain after this procedure because it is done in such a precise, gentle and efficient manner. For the most part, only minimal discomfort is ever reported. Surgery is performed in a state-of-the-art out patient surgery center with specialized nursing staff and post operative care. If you are considering facial cosmetic surgery and have some of the concerns noted, be sure to ask us about the Foglietti Natural Vector Face Lift®. 

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