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Question: I’m interested in having my breasts larger but I don’t want them to be too big.
I am presently an A cup and would like to be a full B cup. I want to enhance my figure but don’t want my breasts to be the first thing people notice. I’m also a runner and concerned that breast implants could make working out uncomfortable. What’s your experience with this kind of situation?

Answer: Inquiries like yours have actually become more common lately. Several years ago, the most common cup size requested by a breast enlargement patient was a full C cup or larger. Most patients wanted to show cleavage and take on a more Hollywood look. However, the trend recently has been women looking for a more conservative appearance. The stigma associated with some breast enhancement can be either positive or negative, depending upon the patient’s persona. For instance, a businesswoman does not want to walk into the boardroom and not be taken seriously because her large breasts are too distracting. For these women, a moderate approach works best for them in their professional life and still allows them the flexibility to look very feminine and sexy if choosing to wear something more fitted or low cut for leisure time.

My more athletic patients, who wouldn’t have considered breast enlargement fearing the stereotypical busty look, are now requesting enhancement that allows them to maintain their freedom of unencumbered movement while giving them more confidence in a larger variety of clothing and fashions.

There has been a definite change in the trend of breast augmentation lately. If you are someone who is interested in a more modest change, it is important is that you consider the proportional aspects of your body frame when thinking about a cup size. A full B cup on a woman who has a petite, 5’4, size 2 frame is going to look very different than on a woman who is 5’7 wearing a size 8. It is very important that you choose a surgeon who listens to your concerns, understands what size you wish to be and has the experience to guide you to the correct size implant for your lifestyle.

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