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Question: My neighbor recently had a facelift and although she looks much better, her face and neck. Is that normal when you have a facelift? What is traditionally done in a facelift and what would be considered a different procedure?

Answer: This is a good question; generally the facelift includes the face (from the level of the temples to the chin) and the neck (from the jaw line to the adam’s apple). The eyelids (upper or lower) and the forehead, are separate procedures that can be done individually or in conjunction with a facelift. When you are consulting with a surgeon for a facelift, your eyelids and forehead should always be evaluated as well. An experienced Surgeon will be able to guide you through the options available and whether or not you would even be a candidate for each of these procedures. Whether you are interested in the additional procedures or not, the options should be explained so you’ll have a complete understanding of what each can and cannot accomplish, this helps to establish realistic expectations for your outcome.

If deemed beneficial, the eyelids, brow lift, and facelift procedures combined, result in an amazing complete facial rejuvenation surgery. The procedures certainly compliment one another and are considered a safe combination to have during a single operative session.

I cannot stress the importance of a consultation with an experienced surgeon that will be honest with you and help you decide what will benefit you the most. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  The surgeon’s own before and after photographs will also help you decide what will work for you.

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