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Question: I have a small, flat behind and have always wanted a more rounded one. I’m not interested in something as dramatic as JLo’s but ‘™d like to be significantly more shapely than I currently am. I’ve heard that there are implants for the bottom and I’m wondering how safe they are?

Answer: There are a few surgical options available for the small or saggy buttock region; they are free fat transfer, gluteal implants, and the Brazilian buttock lift. Let me just say right off the bat that flat or saggy buttocks are difficult to treat and all of the procedures currently offered have drawbacks.

The first option, free fat transfer, is the process by which one’s own fat is removed from a donor site and injected into the buttock for enhancement. This requires a substantial volume of fat to be collected and subsequently transferred. The percentage of fat transferred that is viable varies from 0-50%, most of which is absorbed by the body over time. Multiple treatments are required for any substantial change and the results are very inconsistent.

The buttock (gluteal) implants are fraught with problems,the most common of which are infection, hematoma and seroma formation, and migration. Migration is when theimplant moves from its original placement site; this is not only painful but creates an asymmetric appearance to the bottom. Another setback that can occur is the growth of irregular scar tissue formations around the implant (capsular contracture), which can also be painful and make the implant feel hard and unnatural. Even in the most experienced hands, these difficulties occur with high 
frequency and are major concerns.

The buttock lift, aka:Brazilian is the method of cutting, lifting and tucking the buttock skin. The result is a much nicer shape, however, the scars are conspicuous, and often unsightly. Scars in this area greatly limit the type of bathing 
suits that can be worn, and frequently make patients more self-conscious than they were prior to surgery.

In my opinion, there aren’t currently any great surgical options for enhancing or lifting the buttocks. For a person who wants to achieve more definition, I recommend hiring a personal trainer who can direct you in exercises to build up the gluteal muscles; this will enhance buttock shape safely and be money well spent.

Someday, there may be better surgical options available. Even though some patients are happy with the procedures described above, there are many more unhappy patients to consider them generally successful.

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