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Question: Why is it that you see so many celebrities having bad plastic surgery? Some of them were very attractive people, who are now morphed and look nothing like they did prior to surgery. They make their living on their looks; why wouldn’t they go to the best surgeon available to protect their assets?

Answer: Some celebrities who have recently undergone bad facial surgery have been quite vocal about their unhappiness with the outcome. Others may be very happy with how they look or are just silent about their discontent.

Facelift surgery for one, should not morph your face; it should return it to a more youthful and natural appearance not a tight and abnormal one. For many years, plastic surgeons and the public felt that the tighter the lift, the younger the face. The technique that was taught was to pull the skin in a direction that resulted in distortion of the eyelid, corner of the mouth and the earlobe. A surgeon who regularly revises his training will know better.

Another procedure known to drastically change a person’s appearance and not always for the better, is nasal surgery (rhinoplasty). The old trend in rhinoplasty was to shorten the length of the nose, often too dramatically, remove the bump on top of the nose, then form a slope going toward the tip. This was designed when the upturned nose was in high style. Unfortunately, the result was often more of a shortened piggy nose. Today people like to keep some level of their natural appearance changing only a few aspects of the nose and doing so in a very subtle manner. That’s why it is so important to choose a physician who stays updated on new techniques and has a lot of experience in facial surgeries.

I don’t have an answer as to why celebrities aren’t thoroughly evaluating a surgeon’s work prior to embarking on facial surgery. One explanation could be that they are too concerned with people knowing that they’re considering plastic surgery, so they don’t talk to people who they know have had work done. Word of mouth and seeing the results of an actual patient first hand are often some of the best ways to determine if you like a surgeon’s work. From there, you check out the doctor’s credentials. 

It is evident, that even when money is no object, a good result is not a given. Choose your surgeon carefully. Evaluate his or her work, their discussion, and their staff.  Are  the before and after photos you review actually the work of the surgeon with whom you are consulting? A good surgeon will also be evaluating you to see if you are a good candidate for the procedures discussed and if your expectations are realistic

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