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Question: I am 66 years old, and when I was 58 I had a facelift and eyelid surgery. My neck and eyelid skin has gradually loosened again and I’m beginning to develop jowls. I really want to keep a youthful look and was wondering if it’s safe to have another facelift and eye surgery?

Answer: Your question is one I frequently hear when consulting with patients your age. The mid forties and fifties are a common time for people to begin facial rejuvenation surgery. People in this age group like to have procedures to refresh their appearance prior to experiencing major sagging and skin laxity. When done at this time, no one suspects that a person has had surgery. I developed the Natural Vector Facelift specifically for this reason; to give my patients an inherently youthful appearance at all ages, whether it’s a person’s initial surgery in their 40s or a second one in their 60s. The Natural Vector Facelift is designed to gently restore the muscular structure and skin tone of the face and neck to it’s primary state, as opposed to a tight, severe, manufactured look.

It is not unusual for patients to undergo additional facial surgery anywhere from 5-10 years after their initial procedures and it is considered relatively safe to have more than one facelift.

I occasionally see patients whose original procedure resulted in unsightly scars and hairline deformities. This is generally the result of the initial surgery being done incorrectly. Though a second surgery isn’t as straight 
forward, a significant improvement can usually be achieved if the proper surgical technique is used.

Eyelid surgery can also be tricky the second time around because of scar tissue formation from prior surgery, among other things. Browlifts are often regarded a good alternative to additional upper eyelid surgery.As with any procedure, care must be taken to avoid risks that are associated with over operation. Therefore, it is very important to seek an experienced plastic surgeon when considering secondary procedures.

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