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Question : I am considering a breast-enlargement surgery. I am 35 years old and have had three children. Before my children, I was a 34C-cup bra size. After three pregnancies and breastfeeding, I am barely a B cup and my breasts are sagging. I just want the breast appearance that I had before children. Am I a candidate or is this foolish to consider?

Answer: Your question is a good one. This is a common concern among women who were very happy with their breast size prior to children. It is not unusual for the breast tissue to shrink and the skin to become loose after breastfeeding, and it can worsen with each pregnancy.

A breast enlargement or augmentation will definitely help you, but the sagging skin has to be addressed. Sagging skin (medically known as ptosis; the “p” is silent) varies in degrees from 1 to 4. It is graded according to the position of the nipple in relationship to the crease beneath the breast. Grade 1 has the nipple well above the crease and grade 4 has the nipple completely below the crease and pointing to the feet.

Grade 2 may or may not require a breast lift at the time of breast enlargement. Grade 3 and 4 most always require the additional surgery of a breast lift or mastopexy. These are standard procedures in breast surgery, and there are options as to the type of lift that may be required.

The combination of a breast enlargement with a breast lift will give you the full and perky look of youth priorto pregnancy. Whether you would require a breast enlargement, or a breast enlargement with a breast lift, can be determined by an experienced plastic surgeon, who should discuss all of the surgical options available to you.

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