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A Tummy Tuck for the Holidays? Why This is the Best Season for Body Contouring

Tummy tuck in Beachwood

Winter is coming to Ohio, which means comfortable sweaters, fuzzy socks, and enjoying the company of friends and family indoors. While many people spend the holiday season drinking apple cider and relaxing, others use this time of the year to improve their appearance with abdominoplasty. Our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Foglietti and Dr. Fostyk can help you achieve your dream figure over the holidays so you can reveal your results by spring or summer. 

Wintertime is an ideal time to have tummy tuck or another procedure for several reasons. 

1. Layered Clothing 

Hot Ohio summers mean swimsuits and clothing that reveals more skin than winter wardrobes. As the gray skies move in and snow falls, most of us bundle up when we leave the house and wear loose-fitting sweaters that cover surgical drains, compression garments, and bandages. While it may be hard to hide sutures and other signs of surgery in hot weather, the winter holidays allow for more discreet healing in comfortable clothing. 

2. Staying Indoors 

Men and women may prefer plastic surgery in the fall and winter months because they spend more time indoors. Excessive sun exposure can have a negative impact on healing incisions and scarring. People who enjoy summer sports and activities don’t have to worry about missing out during tummy tuck recovery because winter is their off-season. If you’re concerned about friends, family members, or coworkers noticing you’ve had work done, the added layers and indoor attitude can ensure they are none the wiser.  

3. More Time Off

People with limited PTO or demanding work schedules often get more time off in November and December. Teachers may get up to three weeks. Scheduling your tummy tuck for around the time of your holiday break can prevent you from needing to take an unpaid leave or using up all your PTO. 

4. More Comfortable Recovery 

Dreary weather makes you want to curl up on the couch and watch your favorite movie or TV series. You may enjoy a more comfortable recovery after tummy tuck because there is less pressure to be active and outdoors. The cold weather helps inflammation and may improve discomfort after your tummy tuck. 

5. Reveal Your Results by Summer 

A tummy tuck over the holidays or in the winter months gives you enough time to recover, so you’re ready to show off your tummy tuck results by spring or summer. You can be beach-ready just as the weather takes a warmer turn. 

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