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Stem Cell Therapy in Cleveland

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Stem Cell treatment Cleveland, OH

Stem Cell Treatments are an advanced, minimally invasive procedure that is being used to address an array of medical conditions, including arthritis, muscle/joint repair, traumatic injuries, and auto-immune diseases.

Dr Mark A Foglietti, Dr Michael Kellis, and Dr Alanna Foglietti Fostyk are respected leaders and pioneers in Stem Cell Therapy, and Co-Founders of the Ohio Stem Cell Treatment Center. They and their esteemed team at the Ohio Stem Cell Treatment Center, serve patients in the Greater Cleveland Area and Nationally. They offer Stem Cell Treatments for an array of illnesses and injuries.

Stem Cell Treatment Details

Stem Cell therapy Beachwood, OH

Stem Cell Treatment is a two step process. In the first step, a small volume of fat is harvested from a donor area, such as the lower belly or love handles. This is performed under local anesthesia. The process is virtually painless. The stem cells are then separated from the fat cells and ultra filtered in preparation for injection into the target area and for IV use.

Recovery from the procedure is rapid. The patient may return to work the following day, and resume some workouts in one week, depending upon the treatment.

Learn More about Stem Cell Treatment

To learn more about Stem Cell Treatments in Regenerative medicine, please schedule a consultation with the Ohio Stem Cell Treatment Center, located within the Foglietti-Fostyk Plastic Surgery office.

We can determine if Stem Cell Treatment is an option for you.

Please call (216) 292-6800.

Stem Cell Therapy in Cleveland

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